GSU Graphic Art Students Marking Their Mark

Associate Professor Stan Anderson (left), graduate director and associate professor for graphic design, carries the torch each year towards professional project opportunities for his graphic art students. At this very moment our fellow colleagues, some of his Senior Designers, are invested in a project with NBC Universal in Los Angeles.

The designers are creating an advertising campaign for an upcoming drama series that the network has requested to remain confidential. This new 13-part drama series will be a mid-season replacement on NBC to begin airing in early  2013. Designers were asked to read two original scripts from the new series and afterward had a facetime conference call from Los Angeles with NBC Senior Vice President, Gerry Logue and his creative director. Designers are creating logo designs, print advertisements and promotional trailers for the new series.

Shortly after the NBC opportunity, they begin work with The Game Show Network. You may have seen the students’ previous work, Skate it or Hang it, at the Museum of Design Atlanta, the museum’s most popular exhibition to date.

Todd Vaught with Alexandria Hepburn

The exhibition examined visual aspects of skateboarding and its youth culture dating back to the 1970s. The evolution of the sport exhibition, curated by W. Todd Vaught, was portrayed by presenting a broad range of styles, imagery, and visual expression in skateboard art. Students have also created designs for MODA exhibitions like “Passione Italiana: Design of the Italian Motorcycle,”; ” World AIDS Day 2012″ in collaboration with “Graphic Intervention: 25 Years of International AIDS Posters” and “LoveNests: Photographs and Objects.”

“I ask my designers to work with real clients each semester to give them first-hand knowledge and experience (while still in school) with those professionals,” Anderson said. “Their experience in working with the pros also gives them a very solid resume before they graduate. It’s a win-win situation for them and the professionals working with them.”

In the past, designers have worked with Lifetime Television, Twentieth Century Fox Films, Inc, Style Network, The Georgia Aquarium, Oxygen Network, MODA, The House of Gianni Versace, Haggar, Inc., CNN, Cartoon Network, HLN, Nickelodeon, ABC Television, and many more.

I know I will be on the look out for this mystery show that my fellow student colleagues have had a hand in. After all, 2013 is not that far off. That is to say, if the Mayans weren’t accurate in their calendar predictions.

Until next time….

Natalie Hogg